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Absorbine Ultrashield
Absorbine Ultrashield
Absorbine Ultrashield is a tried and trusted formula, available in the UK as an Equestrian Premises Spray to protect the horse's environment from irritating and biting insects. Contains Permethrin and Pyrethrin, for instant knock-down and a long lasting protective shield. UltraShield offers all-round protection in equestrian premises, stables and barns, and in dog sleeping quarters.
Tubtrug 1 (TT1-3)Tubtrug 1 (TT1-3)
Tubtrug 1 (TT1-3)
Heavy Duty Tubtrugs are 100% recycled from flexible plastic bottles etc. They are incredibly strong, UV and frost proof and are good for water, feed, storage, building, gardening etc.
from £7.29

Tubtrug DripfeedTubtrug Dripfeed
Tubtrug Dripfeed
The new Tubtrug Dripfeed is a horse treat ball designed to help improve the general wellbeing of your horse by relieving stable boredom.
from £14.99
Tubtrug Fabric CoverTubtrug Fabric Cover
Tubtrug Fabric Cover
Fabric cover which fits the medium and lage tubtrugs.

Tubtrug Shallow Flexible MiniTubtrug Shallow Flexible Mini
Tubtrug Shallow Flexible Mini
Tubtrug Shallow Flexible Mini is made with food grade material, Tubtrugs are 100% safe for feed and water. This Tubtrug is useful to have around the home, garden and stables.