Equilibrium Tri-Zone

Equilibrium New Tri-Zone Brushing Boots (Black)Equilibrium New Tri-Zone Brushing Boots (Black)
Equilibrium New Tri-Zone Brushing Boots (Black)
New Tri-Zone Brushing Boots by Equilibrium - A super-stylish boot, perfect to use every day for hacking, flatwork and schooling. Features: Made from high quality neoprene, that's tough, flexible and comfortable to wear Hard wearing durable PVC strike pad; carefully shaped to protect against brushing injuries caused by knocks, bumps or abrasions Double or triple hook (depending on size) and loop...
Equilibrium Tri-Zone Allsport Boot (Black)Equilibrium Tri-Zone Allsport Boot (Black)
Equilibrium Tri-Zone Allsport Boot (Black)
Designed to be the perfect ‘all rounder’ the Equilibrium Tri-Zone Allsport Boots have fast become a tack-room staple as one of the most versatile boots on the market. Suitable for a wide range of disciplines from endurance and racing to dressage, jumping and hacking. Soft & comfortable pillowed lining Extremely lightweight, they actually float on water Breathable layers to prevent...

Equilibrium Tri-Zone Over-Reach BootsEquilibrium Tri-Zone Over-Reach Boots
Equilibrium Tri-Zone Over-Reach Boots
The Equilibrium Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots have been developed to provide an extremely hard wearing boot that offers safe protection from over reach injuries. The carefully designed shape of this innovative boot minimizes the risk of an accident resulting from the horse treading on the boot. Carefully designed and shaped for the perfect fit Super tough strike guard to protect the heel area. Anti-spin...